December 6, 2021

The female name Carina or Karina is the female form of the Latin name Carinus, as one of the Roman emperors was called. He was in turn named after his father; Carus, a nickname meaning 'in love', 'popular'. The name Carina can also be perceived as a variant of Karin which is a Swedish form of the saint name Katarina. The Norwegian form is Karine, the Finnish Kaarina. Carina was also a Christian martyr in the 300s who was canonized and she is celebrated on November 7 together with her husband Melasippus and her son Antoninus. [source needed] The oldest evidence in Sweden is from 1877. The name peaked in popularity in the 1960s. [source needed] On 31 December 2014, there were a total of 51,157 women registered in Sweden with the name Carina or Karina, of which 32,666 bar it as a given name. Name day: 7 May, (1986–2000: 25 November) Carina is also the Latin name for the constellation Cologne. The song Corrine, Corrina has in Swedish translation the title Carina, Carina. In the final of Dansbandskampen 2008, Larz-Kristerz performed the song Carina, which also topped the Swedish singles list .. The song was also on the Swedish top for ten weeks. People with the name Carina or Karina Carina Ahrle, Swedish actress Carina Ari, Swedish dancer Karina Bell, Danish actress Carina Berg, Swedish TV presenter Carina Boberg, Swedish actress Carina Burman, Swedish author and literary critic Karina Gauvin, Canadian opera singer Carina Hägg, Swedish politician (s) Carina Jaarnek, Swedish singer Carina Jingrot, Swedish actress Carina Johansson, Swedish actress Carina Lidbom, Swedish actress Carina Lundberg, Swedish business leader Carina May, Swedish actress Carina Moberg, Swedish politician (s) Carina Morling, Swedish opera singer Carina Ohlsson, Swedish politician (s) Carina Rydberg, Swedish author Karina Rydberg, Swedish singer Carina Söderman, Swedish actress and singer

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