November 28, 2021

Dalarna (ancient: Dala hundare, Dalarne and Dalom, Latin: Dalecarlia) is a landscape in the interior of northern Svealand in central Sweden. It borders in the north to Härjedalen and Hälsingland, in the east to Gästrikland, in the south to Västmanland and in the west to Värmland and Norway. The inhabitants of Dalarna are traditionally called valley men, masas and hills.


The oldest mention of Dalarna is from Sverresagan in which the landscape was called Järnbäraland and was described as a pagan country that belonged to the king of Sweden in 1177. The area was included from about 1300 in Västmanland and Dalarna's law saga which remained until 1849. The landscape came in the southern parts early. to become industrialized, and organized in a rock type. The landscape otherwise remained a settler area, especially in the areas outside Siljan and Dalälven. Finnmark remained a settler area into the 19th century. In the 16th century, Gustav Vasa fled to Dalarna away from Christian II. See Gustav Vasa's fate and adventures in Dalarna. In 1521, the battle of Brunnbäck's ferry took place between Kristian II's and Gustav Vasa's troops, the latter led by Peder Svensson from Vibberboda and Olof Bonde from Norrbärke. The Swedish forces won and the Danes were chased out of the landscape. Emigration from the landscape was very large during the latter part of the 19th century; 12,353 people 1881–1890 and 5,726 people 1891–1900, but the influx is small. During the early 20th century, the population of Dalarna was very unmixed, over 90% of them were born in the county. [Source needed] during the year. According to the Nordic Family Book from 1906, there were great differences in language and customs between the different districts, as well as in the national costumes. Duke of Dalarna is Prince Gabriel, second son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. This was announced on September 4, 2017. Two people have previously held the same title; Oscar I's son Prince August (1831–1873), and Gustaf VI Adolf's son Prince Carl Johan (born 1916; lost the title at marriage 1946).



The valleys are dominated by Lake Siljan in its middle and by the rivers Västerdalälven and Österdalälven which flow together in Djurås in Gagnef municipality and form Dalälven. The northern parts of the landscape are dominated by mountains and the vast Orsa Finnmark. The highest point is Storvätteshågna with its 1204 meters above sea level. The lowest point is where the Dalälven river flows out of the landscape in the southeast at an altitude of 55 meters above sea level.

Dalarna's largest lakes


The geology of the valleys consists only of Precambrian bedrock, or bedrock, and certain Paleozoic fossil-bearing rock layers such as the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian. Later Paleozoic rock layers may have been peeled away by ancient seas and ice age glaciers that a few thousand years ago dragged back and forth across the country, and the remaining rock layers and bedrock are now covered by soil.


Dalapor pine is a granitic volcanic rock that is a landscape stone in Dalarna. It occurs mainly around Älvdalen (Älvdalsporfyr) and also in other places in Dalarna. Due to their great hardness, their varied colors and the ability to assume a beautiful polish, the porphyries are well suited for architectural objects and art objects, such as pillars, vases and urns, as well as for table tops, butter boxes and other utensils. At Älvdalen's porphyry works in Älvdalen, many, and monumental, porphyry works were produced. The work was started in 1802 by Erik Hagström but was destroyed in the middle of the 19th century by a fire. Garberg granite, previously marketed as granite, is a porphyry granite, named after Garberget in Mora municipality. Mining took place mainly during the 19th century, with processing at Älvdalen's porphyry and Älvd

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