Swedish Armed Forces (Sweden)


December 6, 2021

The Armed Forces is a Swedish authority responsible for the country's defense in the event of war, to assert Sweden's further interests and to support peacekeeping operations and humanitarian aid. and the amphibious corps). King Carl XVI Gustaf is traditionally attributed as the Armed Forces' highest representative à la suite. The Armed Forces is a one-council authority under the Ministry of Defense. It is supported by other authorities within the Ministry of Defence's area of ​​responsibility, such as the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) and the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), which reports to the Minister of the Interior. Buildings, facilities and land that the Armed Forces need in their operations are rented from the Swedish Fortifications Agency, which reports to the Ministry of Finance. Sweden's military history includes several unions and wars with all of its neighbors, including extensive efforts during the Thirty Years' War during the great power era in the 17th and early 18th centuries. The wars against Russia culminated in the Finnish War (1808–1809), when Sweden lost its eastern half of the country, which later became the Republic of Finland. During the world wars and the Cold War through the 20th century, Sweden's defense policy was characterized by a stance for neutrality, while the Armed Forces' capabilities were based on conscription. In 2010, conscription was abolished in peacetime to be replaced by a combination of professional and voluntary forces until 2018, including the Home Guard - the national protection forces. However, this decision was later criticized and the Riksdag decided in 2017 to reintroduce conscription on a smaller scale. In 2017, 13,000 young people born in 1999 and 2000 were called up for enlistment. On June 24, 2010, the Swedish Armed Forces' technical school became the last unit to carry out its emergency ceremony by 59 conscripted soldiers from the 1st Technical Battalion mumbling before conscription became dormant in Sweden. In January 2018, the Management Regiment (LedR) and the Göta Engineering Regiment (Ing 2) were the first to receive conscripts after the conscription training was reactivated. On 12 June 2018, the first major incursion took place when the Army's fighter battalion received its 140 conscripted women and men, who began an eleven-month basic training. In total, about 3,000 men and women until September 2018 moved into the units around the country as the conscription training reactivated after being inactive since 2010. Units from the Armed Forces participate in a number of international operations, either actively or passively. such as military observers, for example in Afghanistan and in Kosovo. In addition, Sweden, through the Armed Forces, is a leading nation for the European Union's battle groups approximately every three years.

The four main tasks of the Armed Forces

When Sweden's borders are violated, it is the Armed Forces that reject the offending party (asserting the country's territorial integrity). If Sweden is attacked by a foreign power, the Armed Forces must be able to defend the country and repel the attacker (defend Sweden in the event of an armed attack). Or as it is described in the 1967 edition of Swedish Soldier, page 9, warrior's reminder: "The Swedish defense must work to preserve our peace and our independence. It must protect our freedom to shape our legal system and our culture. Become Sweden the attack, the defense by force of arms shall prevent our country from falling into the hands of the attacker ... " The Armed Forces supports the rest of society in the event of disasters, such as storms or floods (assisting society in the event of a crisis). The Armed Forces sends troops to peacekeeping operations and / or peace enforcement operations around the world (work for peace and security this spring if

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