Phantoms (figure)


December 6, 2021

The Phantom is a fictional superhero who is the title character in the American cartoon series The Phantom, created by Lee Falk. The figure was introduced in a day strip on February 17, 1936, which is still going on today. The phantom lives in the Skull Cave in the Deep Forests, in the former British colony of Bengali.

The Phantom and his world

Phantom Legends

The legend of the Phantom began on February 17, 1536 when a ship bound for India was attacked by Singh pirates off the coast of Africa. As the only survivor, Christopher (Kit) Walker, the son of the ship's captain, floated ashore and was taken care of by the Americans, an African pygmy tribe. The Banderas were held in slavery by another group, the Wasaka tribe, but a legend told of a man from the sea who would come and free them. Kit Walker liberated the pygmies by dressing up as the demon god of the Wasaka tribe, and this attire became the first Phantom costume. When he died, his son took over after him, and after his death his son and so on. In time, those around him came to believe that it was the same man, an avenger and wandering ghost, a man who could not die. He settled in a cave, which in many ways resembled a skull, at the village of the Americans deep in the jungle. He also worked to increase the cave's resemblance to a skull, and since then the Skull Cave has been the Phantom's home.

Character appearance

The phantom wears a mask and tights. The jerseys are blue in Sweden, purple in the USA and have internationally had many other colors, including red in Italy. His weapon is two Colt M1911 pistols, caliber .45. In addition, he has two rings. On the left hand - closest to the heart - is the ring with the "good mark", a symbol that the wandering ghost leaves in places or with people who are under the protection of the Phantom. On the right hand side is Dödskalleringen (which, according to the Swedish, license-produced series, the 1st Phantom was given by the alchemist Paracelsus) which leaves an indelible mark on the criminals who are marked with them. This is done through a weak poison, made by the Americans; when the Phantom is going to hit someone he wants to wear the mark, he opens a small latch in the ring that makes the poison run out over the heel. The wound after the blow then heals but forms scar tissue in the form of the mark. In 1939, a Sunday page was started with the series, which meant that the series would be printed in full color for the first time. When it was day for coloring, Lee Falk was in another place, and it became the coloring workers' job to decide the color of the Phantom's jersey, which turned purple; by the time Lee Falk was back, the first Sunday page had already gone into print. Prior to that, the suit had on a handful of occasions been described as gray in the daily press. When the Phantom leaves his home in the jungle and travels like an ordinary man, he usually wears a fedora hat, sunglasses and trench coat, and calls himself Mr. Walker (from the English Ghost Who Walks - "The Wandering Ghost"). When it is said that "he who sees the face of the Phantom dies a horrific death" in the series is most often his eyes hidden by shadows or behind other figures, even when he appears as Mr. Walker.

The 21st Phantom

The current Phantom (who has been the main character in the series since the start of the series) is the twenty-first in the series. He has been married since 1977 to the UN diplomat, nurse and swimmer Diana Palmer, whom he met already in the first adventure from 1936. He has his most loyal companions in the mountain wolf Devil and the white stallion Hero, and his oldest and best friend in Guran, the current chief of the United States. Who will be the next Phantom is not entirely clear, because a few years after the wedding, Diana gave birth to twins - the boy Kit and the girl Heloise,

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