Fredrik Wilhelm Henckel


December 6, 2021

Fredrik Wilhelm Henckel, born June 9, 1828 in Helsingborg, died there June 14, 1912, was a Swedish merchant and bank director.



Henckel was born in Helsingborg as the fifth child of the brewer Bengt Henckel and Anna Catharina Ek. He established himself as a young man shopping in the city and benefited from the boom for Scanian grain traders that in the 1850s was created by England's need for grain imports due to the Crimean War. In 1855 he bought the trading farm on plot No. 49, now named Henckelska gården after him, and for 25 years he ran one of the largest shops in Skåne. When the City Council institution was formed in 1863, he was elected to Helsingborg City Council, where he sat for ten years. In 1870 he was one of the initiators of a share subscription in Ångfartygsaktiebolaget Helsingborg and only a few years later he also invested in the shipping companies Ångfartygs-AB Bore and Ångfartygs-AB Atlanten. However, all three shipping companies were soon wound up gradually, either due to accidents (Ångfartygs-AB Helsingborg's largest ship, the steamer Konung Oscar II, had collided with a German ship and sank in 1875, only two years after it was completed) or due to the recession. in shipping that prevailed between 1877 and 1889. One of Henckel's brothers, Carl Henckel, later consul, took over one of the company's steamers, Baltzar von Platen, which laid the foundation for his company Rederiaktiebolaget Henckel. In 1876, Henckel founded Helsingborgs utminuterings- och utskänknings AB, also known as Helsingborgs spritbolag, where he was CEO, and the same year he was elected to the main board of Skånes Enskilda Bank and the bank's local board for Helsingborg. During his time as owner, Henckel did some renovations of the Henckelska farm. He had the facades plastered out towards Norra Storgatan and Springpostgränden and installed a new entrance to the main building located in the northwest corner of the building, towards the intersection. Over the door he added a full-bodied ornamental gable. The wooden panel on the facades towards the courtyard was removed in 1866, which made the half-timber here visible again. He also had the half-timbered house extended towards Springpostgränden and was possibly also the one who had it extended with a second floor. In 1904, shop premises were furnished on the ground floor facing Norra Storgatan and large shop windows were opened around the entrance in the north-west corner. Ever since his time as a shipowner, Henckel had a great interest in shipping and worked to promote it for the rest of his life. On November 30, 1895, he became a knight of the Order of the North Star. Together with his wife, Henckel founded two donation funds in 1910: Fredrik and Mina Henckel's fund for old servants, and Fredrik and Mina Henckel's donation for pauvres honteux. Henckel died on June 14, 1912 and was buried in the Donation Cemetery in Helsingborg. His unmarried daughters, Edith and Sigrid, continued to inhabit the farm until it was bought by Kooperativa Föreningen Svea (later Konsumentföreningen Solidar).


On September 15, 1860, he married Vilhelmina Johanna Catharina Bergman (born Munthe), widow of the writer Carl Wilhelm Bergman and daughter of saddler Johan Fredrik Munthe and Adriana Margareta Scheer. With her he had eight children: Ines Henckel, born June 23, 1861, died March 21, 1941, married to Karl Axel Georg Tretow, major Edith Henckel, born March 23, 1863, died November 7, 1946 Erik Fredrik Wilhelm Henckel, born April 20, 1865, died January 22, 1929 in Överjärna parish in Södermanland, councilor Stillborn child, January 30, 1867 Sigrid Henckel, born June 16, 1870, died April 28, 1955 Oskar Bengt Johan Henckel, born October 30, 1872, died July 3, 1943 in Bromma in Uppland Esther Henckel, born November 4, 1875, died January 22, 1964, married to Knut Ebbe von Geijer, mayor Waldemar Henckel, born 7 September

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