Gun Jönsson


December 6, 2021

Gun Vera Birgit Irene Jönsson Lindqvist, known as Gun Jönsson, born December 13, 1929 in Vetlanda, Jönköping County, died October 27, 2021, was a Swedish actor and director.


Jönsson was originally a student at the Royal Swedish Ballet School. In 1946, she became Stockholm's Lucia when she won Stockholms-Tidningen's poll. Jönsson studied at Dramaten's student school 1954–1957 after her studies, she remained at Dramaten for two years. She was then involved in various theaters in Sweden. Jönsson was the director of the current Östgötateatern 1978–1981. She later worked as a freelance director in various theaters and on television. Two of Jönsson's more famous characters are the ignored director's wife from the city in Badjävlar and Lisa Persson in Hem till byn. She also directed the 2006 round of the latter TV series. Jönsson lived in Falkenberg where she ran Teater Boudoir Intim. She has a son Michael Lindqvist from the marriage with the actor Lars Lind. Granddaughter of Gun Jönsson and Lars Lind is the actress Jenny Antoni.

Prizes and awards

1980 - Swedish Theater Critics' Association's Theater Prize 2007 - Litteris et Artibus

Film and TV

Filmography as an actor

TV productions as an actor


1976 - Live life 1978 - She demands redress (TV) 1978 - Wealth 1979 - In peace and dignity 1982 - Sleeping fox 1984 - I want children 1987 - The Shooting Range (TV) 2006 - Home to the Village (TV series) 2008 - The Jealous 2009 - A dream game


1979 - In peace and dignity 1987 - The Shooting Range (TV)



Directed (not complete)

Radio Theater





Östgötateatern's archive

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