Chop Woodpecker


December 6, 2021

Woodpecker Woodpecker (English: Woody Woodpecker), is a cartoon character who is the main character in 194 cartoons by the American animator Walter Lantz between the years 1940 and 1972. Woodpecker is a rather disturbing woodpecker that first appeared in the Andy Panda movie It Knocks on the door (original title: Knock Knock). Hacke Hackspett is also available as a cartoon and has had its own comic book magazine in Sweden. The Danish cartoonist Freddy Milton is one of the cartoonists. The DVD boxwood Woody Woodpecker And Friends Classic Cartoon Collection was released in the US on July 24, 2007. It contains 75 short films with Hacke Hackspett and other characters created by Lantz, such as Andy Panda and Pelle Pingvin (Chilly Willy). Patron Saint and Misunderstanding Hacke is also a patron saint for the E-section at Lund University of Technology, the Computer Science Section at Chalmers University of Technology and the section for Systems Science at Linköping University. However, this is an "aracua", a fictional creation at least by name, based on the actual, South American chicken bird motmotchachalaca (in Portuguese Aracuã pequeño).


Director of each film specified. Several Hacke Hackspett films that premiered in 1940, 1941, 1951 and 1952 have no specified director, but Walter Lantz claims that he directed these himself


There is a knock on the door (Walter Lantz, Andy Panda movie with Hacke as unnamed guest star)


All short films directed by Walter Lantz (unspecified) Woody Woodpecker The Screwdriver Pantry Panic


All short films directed by Alex Lovy The Hollywood Matador Ace in the Hole The Loan Stranger


All short films directed by Alex Lovy The Screwball The Dizzy Acrobat (nominated for an Oscar for Best Short Film) Ration Bored


All short films directed by James Culhane The Barber of Seville The Beach Nut Ski for Two


All short films directed by James Culhane Chew-Chew Baby Woody Dines Out The Dippy Diplomat The Loose Nut


Who's Cookin 'Who? (Culhane) Bathing Buddies (Dick Lundy) The Reckless Driver (Culhane) Fair Weather Fiends (Culhane)


All short films directed by Dick Lundy Musical Moments from Chopin (nominated for an Oscar for best short film, "Musical Miniature" short film with Hacke Hackspett and Andy Panda as guests) Smoked Hams The Coo-Coo Bird Well Oiled Solid Ivory Woody the Giant Killer


All short films directed by Dick Lundy The Mad Hatter Banquet Busters (with Andy Panda) Wacky-Bye Baby Wet Blanket Policy (nominated for an Oscar for Best Song "The Woody Woodpecker Song") Wild and Woody


Drooler's Delight (Lundy)


All short films directed by Walter Lantz (unspecified) Puny Express Sleep Happy Wicket Wacky Slingshot 6 7/8 The Redwood Sap The Woody Woodpecker Polka Destination Meatball


Born to Peck (Lantz (unspecified)) Stage Hoax (Lantz (unspecified)) Woodpecker in the Rough (Lantz (unspecified)) Scalp Treatment (Lantz (unspecified)) The Great Who-Dood-It (Don Patterson) Termites from Mars (Patterson)


What's Sweepin (Patterson) Bucaneer Woodpecker (Patterson) Operation Sawdust (Patterson) Wrestling Wrecks (Patterson) Belle Boys (Patterson) Hypnotic Hick (Patterson) (in 3-D) Hot Noon (or 12 O'Clock For Sure) (Paul J. Smith)


Socko in Morocco (Patterson) Alley to Bali (Patterson) Under the Counter Spy (Patterson) Hot Rod Huckster (Patterson) Real Gone Woody (Smith) A Fine Feathered Frenzy (Patterson) Convict Concerto (Patterson (unspecified))


Helter Shelter (Smith) Witch Crafty (Smith) Private Eye Pooch (Smith) Bedtime Bedlam (Smith) Square Shootin 'Square (Smith) Bunco Busters

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