Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby


December 6, 2021

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, born June 15, 1972 in Gravdal in Vestvågøy, died November 19, 2021 in Oslo, was a Norwegian singer, songwriter and actor. He has been a singer in Turbonegro and was also known by the artist names Hank von Helvete, Hank von Hell, Hertis, Hertugen or Herr Tugen.


Husby lived in Å, Lofoten until he was three years old. The family then moved to Fauske, Rognan and Tvedestrand. Until 2010, he was the front man in the Norwegian rock band Turbonegro, which he played in since the early 1990s. In 1998, Husby suffered a nervous breakdown in Italy when Turbonegro was on tour; this is due to heroin abuse. After that, the band was forced to close down, but later made a comeback in 2002 with three festival gigs that summer. In 2003, the group released the album Scandinavian Leather. According to his own statement, Husby managed to get out of his addiction with the help of the drug withdrawal program Narconon. He also left Turbonegro in 2010 for a new family life in Sweden.

Acting and other

As an actor, Husby played the title role in Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical Jesus Christ Superstar at the Norwegian Theater in Oslo in the autumn of 2009. He portrayed Cornelis Vreeswijk in the film Cornelis directed by Amir Chamdin. Many of Cornelis' quirks captured Husby by studying personal 8mm films taken by journalist and friend Simpo Brinkflake. The filming took place in 2010 and the film premiered on November 12 of the same year. joint concert tour in Sweden. In November 2012, Swedish Television broadcast the program Two on a Journey, where Husby took Jack Vreeswijk on a trip to his hometown on Norwegian Lofoten. ) - at Nöjesteatern in Malmö and Chinateatern in Stockholm.


Studio album (solo) In The Light Of Cornelis (2010) Egomania (2018) Dead (2020) Singles "Idiotsong" (2004) (with Schtimm) "Waybackthens" (2004) (with Schtimm) "Room for all" (2009) (with Maria Solheim) "No One" (2013) "Halden prison blues" (2014) "Day of Salvation" (2014) "Bum to Bum" (2018) "Blood" (2018) "Pretty Decent Exposure" (2018) "Fake It" (2019) "I see a Darkness" (2020) "Disco" (2020) "Radio Shadow" (2020) "Monkey Song" (2020) "Crown" (2020) (with Guernica Mancini) "The tourist's complaint" (2021)




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