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January 18, 2022

Irina Sabine Alice Karamanos Adrían, born October 29, 1989, is a Chilean anthropologist, sociologist, politician and feminist activist. She has been cohabiting with Chile's incoming president Gabriel Boric since 2019.


Irina Karamano's Adrían is descended from her father from a Greek immigrant family. Her father, Jorge Karamanos, who worked in the education system, was the leading coordinator of Chile's Greek immigrant community in the 1980s. Her mother Sabine Adrian, with roots in the German immigrant community in Uruguay, has worked as an academic with links to the Goethe-Institut. She has worked as a sociologist, studying anthropology, pedagogy, cultural studies, visual arts and linguistic rights at the University of Heidelberg. Prior to that, she had studied visual arts at the Universidad de Chile, a course she discontinued for five years of study (between 2009 and 2014) in Heidelberg, Germany.


Karamanos began his political activities by writing various chronicles and columns in magazines and journals such as The Clinic, often about gender equality and the role of women in politics as a subject. Later, she was seen as a recurring panelist in the political debate program Sin filtros on the TV channel Vive. She served for a time in the staff of politician and lawyer Gonzalo Winter. The two later became party comrades.

Political activities

Irina Karamanos is an active feminist and one of the founders of the Convergencia Social party, where she works as a leader within the party's feminist front. Prior to that, she was a member of the city council for the party in her hometown of Santiago de Chile. Since 2016, she has been active in Movimiento Autonomista, as the leader of its cultural section. Since 2019, she has been cohabiting with the politician and Chile's incoming president Gabriel Boric. The two became acquainted through the activities within Convergencia Social. Within the party, Karamanos has pursued the same policies as Boric, although she has defined her profile as more "cross-political". Karamanos is also the coordinator of Abrecaminos, a Chilean political platform for female participation and sexual and gender diversity.



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