December 6, 2021

Karin (alternative spelling Carin) is a female name, a short form of Katarina. The name Karin has been used since the middle of the 15th century. Kari is a Norwegian and dialectal Swedish form of the name. Karin is a common name in Sweden. As of December 31, 2009, there were a total of 175,095 people in Sweden with the name Karin / Carin, of which 82,388 with it as a given name. In 2003, 1161 girls got the name, of which 87 got it as a given name. Karen is a Danish and Norwegian form of Karin. This name is common in the English speaking part of the world. Name day: 2 August

People with the name Karin / Carin

Karin Ahrland, Swedish politician (FP), Minister of State Karin Alexandersson, Swedish actress Karin Alvtegen, Swedish author Karin Andersson, Swedish politician (C), Minister of State Karin Balzer, East German athlete Karin Magdalena Bergquist, Swedish author Karin Boye, Swedish author Karin Branzell, opera singer Karin Dreijer, Swedish musician Karin Enke, East German speed skater Karin Enström, Swedish politician (M), Minister of State Pilt Carin Ersdotter, valley Karin Falck, host, TV producer Karin Fossum, Norwegian author Karin Fransson, Swedish chef Karin Gidfors, Swedish screenwriter Karin Glenmark, Swedish musician Karin Grönvall, National Librarian Carin Göring, first wife of Hermann Göring Carin Götblad, County Police Chief Carin Hjulström, journalist and host Carin Holmberg, sociologist and feminist Backa Carin Ivarsdotter, sculptor Karin Janz, East German gymnast Karin Johannesson, bishop of Uppsala diocese Karin Jota, legendary medieval committee member Carin Jämtin, politician (S), f.d. minister Anna-Karin Kammerling, swimmer Karin Kock-Lindberg, Swedish politician (S), Minister of State Karin Krog, Norwegian jazz singer Karin Lamberg-Skog, cross-country skier Karin Langebo, Swedish opera singer and harpist Karin Larsson-Bergöö, Swedish artist, g.m. Carl Larsson Karin Lindén, Swedish gymnast, Olympic gold 1952, Olympic silver 1956 Karin Lyberg, Swedish author Karin Långström Vinge, Swedish blogger and pastor of the Church of Sweden, member of the Church Council (FiSK) Carin Mannheimer, author and director Karin Månsdotter, Swedish queen Karin Pilsäter, Swedish politician (FP) Karin Rehnqvist, Swedish composer Carin du Rietz (died 1788), guard soldier (disguised as a man) Carin Rodebjer, fashion designer Carin da Silva, famous dancer from Let's Dance Karin Starrin, Swedish politician (C), governor of Halland County Karin Svensson Smith, Swedish politician (former left, now MP) Karin Söder, Swedish politician (C), party leader, minister Karin Torneklint, athletics coach, national team captain Karin Wahlberg, Swedish doctor and author Karin Wallgren-Lundgren, athlete Carin Wester, fashion designer Karin Westerberg, Swedish pianist and singer Karin Åhlin, reform educator Karin Åström Iko, National Archivist Tommy Karinsson, Mrs.

Fictional characters named Karin

Karin Andersson, Suneserien, Sunes mamma

People named Karen / Caren

Karen Ankersted, Danish politician Karen Armstrong, British historian of religion Karen Blixen, Danish author Karen David, an Indian-born English actor and singer-songwriter Karen Grassle, an American actress Karen Hildebrandt, Danish poet Karen Jespersen, Danish politician and critic of Islam Karen McDougal, an American fashion model and actress Karen Mulder, a Dutch photo model Karen-Lise Mynster, a Danish actress Karen L. Nyberg, an American astronaut Karen Robson, an Australian actress Karen Scheutz, a Danish dancer and choreographer Karen Strassman, American voice actress Karen Wegener, a Danish actress


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