November 28, 2021

See also Catarina (different meanings) and Katarina (different meanings) Katarina, Catarina, Katharina or Catharina (also Katrina, Karin and Kajsa) is a female name with a name day 25 November, which is the day Saint Catherine of Alexandria is celebrated according to the Byzantine liturgy. The origin is Greek (Aikaterine). The meaning is unknown, but has been linked to the word katharós, which means 'pure' or 'chaste'. Despite the name's background in Greek Christian culture, it looked to the Nordic countries already during the Viking Age. The names were popular in the 1960s and 70s, but have since declined in use. Overall, however, the name is still one of the 25 most common first names in Sweden. The most common spelling is the one with K and without h, which is also the form found in the almanac. As of December 31, 2005, there were a total of 70,508 people in Sweden with the name Katarina / Catarina / Katharina / Catharina, of which 28,456 with it as a given name. In 2003, 444 girls were given the name, of which 29 were given the given name. Katrin, Karin and Kajsa were originally short forms of Katarina. Nowadays, Kattis is also considered a short form of Katarina. Name day in the Swedish and Finnish-Swedish almanac: 25 November.

People with the name Katarina / Catarina etc.

Royalties: Katarina Sunesdotter, Swedish queen wife 1244 to King Erik Läspe and halte Katarina Karlsdotter (Gumsehuvud), Swedish queen wife 1448 to King Karl Knutsson (Farmer) Catherine of Saxony-Lauenburg, Swedish queen wife 1531 to King Gustav Vasa Katarina Stenbock, Swedish queen wife 1552 to King Gustav Vasa Karin Månsdotter, Swedish queen wife 1568 to King Erik XIV Katarina Jagellonica, Swedish queen wife 1569 to King Johan III Katarina Eriksdotter, Swedish princess (b. C. 1155), daughter of King Erik the Holy Katarina Valdemarsdotter of Sweden (d. 1283), daughter of King Valdemar Katarina Birgersdotter (c. 1306), daughter of King Birger Katarina Vasa (b. & D. 1594), daughter of King Sigismund Katarina Vasa (1596-1597), daughter of King Sigismund Katarina Karlsdotter Vaasa, Countess of the Palatinate-Zweibrücken, daughter of King Charles IX Katarina Ingesdotter, Danish princess (b. C. 1105), daughter of King Inge the Elder Catherine I of Russia, Russian Empress and Head of State 1725 Catherine II of Russia, Russian empress and head of state in 1762, called the Great Catherine of Pomerania, Countess of the Palatinate-Neumarkt, adopted Danish princess, sister of King Erik of Pomerania Catherine of Valois, Queen of England Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England Catherine Howard, Queen of England Catherine Parr, Queen of England Catherine of Braganza, Queen of England Catherine of Medici, Queen of France Katarina Gustavsdotter Vasa, Countess of Ostfriesland, daughter of King Gustav VasaOther: Catherine of Alexandria, Egyptian saint Katarina Ulfsdotter, Swedish saint Catherine of Genoa, Italian saint Catherine of Siena, Italian saint Catharina Ahlgren Katarina von Bredow, Swedish author Katarina Cohen, Swedish actress Katarina Dalayman, opera singer Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, politician (M), Minister of State Katarina Ewerlöf, actress Katarina Frostenson, poet, member of the Swedish Academy Katarina Kieri, author Catharina Kjellberg, Swedish author Katarina Kuick, children's book author Catarina Ligendza, Swedish opera singer Catarina Lindqvist, tennis player Katarina Mazetti, author Catharina Olsson, singer, singing teacher Katarina Sandström, journalist, newscaster Katarina Strömgård, illustrator Catharina Svanborg, Swedish microbiologist Katarina Taikon, Swedish author Katarina Timglas, ice hockey player Katarina Wennstam, journalist and author Katarina Witt, German figure skater Cathrine Lindahl, curling player Katarina Jacobson, musician

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