Katja (name)


November 28, 2021

Katja or Katia is a female name with a name day on 25 November. The origin is Russian and it means 'little Katarina'. Katarina is a short form of the Russian Yekaterina, which means "the chaste". In English-speaking countries, the name is usually spelled Katya. Only in recent years has Katja become more widespread in Sweden. In the early 70's the name was still very unusual, but in the 90's it was for several years one of the 200 most common nicknames. As of December 31, 2005, there were a total of 2,595 people in Sweden with the name Katja, of which 2,094 with the given name. In 2003, 22 girls were given the name, of which 18 were given the given name. Name day: November 25, (1986-1992: July 8, 1993-2000: November 5). People with the name Katja / Katia Katja Beer, German biathlete Katia Budanova, Russian fighter pilot Katja Ebstein, German singer Katja Fedorova Katja Geiger, fashion designer Katja of Sweden Katja Medbøe, Norwegian actress and screenwriter Katja Ottosson Katia Ricciarelli, Italian opera singer Katja Shchekina, Russian fashion model Katja Kabanova, opera by Leoš Janáček.

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