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December 6, 2021

Lil Poldi Terselius, born November 5, 1944 in Stockholm, died October 26, 2021, was a Swedish actor. Terselius participated in a number of television, film and theater performances from the late 1960s until his death.


Lil Terselius was born in Stockholm but lived in Borås between the ages of four and fourteen, where his parents worked as sales manager and secretary respectively. At the age of fourteen, she returned to Stockholm and studied dance for Lia Schubert and jazz dance with Graham Tainton. After graduating, she began studying languages ​​at a university after working as an au pair and tourist guide in England. She came into contact with the student theater, which was followed by education 1967–1970 at the Stage School in Stockholm. Immediately after graduation, she got a permanent job at Dramaten 1970, where she had her breakthrough in 1973 at Gruffet in Chiozza. The same year she got a notable role in Jolo's emergency series on television Somewhere in Sweden and the following year she was a mysterious dancer in The Three from Haparanda. In the years 1975–1977, she performed at Helsingborg City Theater. In 1977 she played the lead role in the film The Serious Game. She also made guest appearances in TV series such as The Shipping Company and the Department Store and was a TV presenter in the Theater Café from Örebro together with Per Eric Nordquist. she was awarded the Drama's O'Neill Scholarship in 2000. In 2004, she was awarded the Litteris et Artibus Medal. Lil Terselius also translated plays from French and English, some for Dramaten, including Zelda, who was then played with Terselius in the title role. She was for a while union active chairman of the Drama's artist club.


For a time she was married to the actor and director Hans Klinga, a former schoolmate at the stage school. She has also been cohabiting with the playwright Lars Norén. Selected filmography


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Prizes and awards

1977 - Golden Bug for Best Actress, The Serious Game 1981 - Film Critics Award Premio Pasinetti, Venice Film Festival, The Persecution 2000 - O'Neill Scholarship 2004 - Litteris et Artibus


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