November 28, 2021

Eva Magdalena Andersson, born January 23, 1967 in Vaksala parish in Uppsala, is a Swedish economist and politician. She has been the party leader of the Social Democrats since 4 November 2021. Since 2014, she has been Sweden's Minister of Finance. On November 24, 2021, Andersson was elected Sweden's first female Prime Minister. Later that day, she was dismissed from the post at her own request, without having taken over as Prime Minister, after the Green Party decided to refrain from being part of the new government. She then announced that she would seek the confidence of the Riksdag in a Social Democratic one-party government. A new vote is scheduled for November 29, 2021. At the end of 2020, she was elected chair of the International Monetary Fund's highest advisory body, the IMFC, and thus became the first woman in office. In the years 2009–2012, she was Director General at the Swedish Tax Agency.


Early years

Magdalena Andersson grew up in Uppsala as the daughter and only child of Göran Andersson who was a senior lecturer in statistics at Uppsala University and the teacher Birgitta Granell Andersson.


During her high school years, Magdalena Andersson studied social sciences at the Cathedral School in Uppsala. She graduated in 1987 with eleven fives, two fours and a second in grades. After graduating, she moved to Stockholm to study at the Stockholm School of Economics, where she graduated in 1992 with a master's degree in economics and a master's degree in economics. She then worked as a doctoral student in economics at the Stockholm School of Economics in 1992–1995 but interrupted her studies. In the autumn of 1994, she studied at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna, Austria. In the spring semester of 1995, she studied at Harvard University in the USA.


Since 1997, Magdalena Andersson has been married to Richard Friberg, professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. The couple has two children. The couple met during their studies at the School of Business, Economics and Law in the 1990s.

Interests and leisure

Andersson was an elite swimmer in his youth. Furthermore, she has always been interested in outdoor life.

Political career

Magdalena Andersson joined SSU in the autumn of 1983 during her first year at high school in connection with the local SSU club being at the Cathedral School. She was then elected chairman of the SSU district in Uppsala in 1987. Andersson was also involved in the fight for the Youth House in Uppsala. Andersson then became chairman of the Social Democratic Economics Club at the Stockholm School of Economics 1991–1992. After her studies, Magdalena Andersson began working as a political expert in 1996–1998 and then head of planning in the Prime Minister's Office 1998–2004. She was then State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance 2004–2006. During the years 2005–2009, she was a board member of the Social Democratic think tank Policy Network. During the years 2007–2009, she worked as an adviser to the Social Democrats' then party leader Mona Sahlin. In the years 2009–2012, she worked as director general at the Swedish Tax Agency. Andersson was appointed in February 2012 by Stefan Löfven as the Social Democrats' economic-political spokesperson. In the 2014 election, Andersson became a regular member of parliament for Stockholm County's constituency.

Sweden's Minister of Finance

Andersson was appointed Sweden's Minister of Finance (Minister and Head of the Ministry of Finance) in the Löfven Government on 3 October 2014. She is the first woman in that post in a Social Democratic-led government.

The Social Democrats' party chairman

After Stefan Löfven during his summer speech on Runö, Åkersberga in August 2021 announced that he will resign as party chairman, the question arose of who will succeed him. In September 2021, the Social Democrats' nomination committee nominated Magdalena Andersson as the new party chairman. She was unanimously nominated by all 26 party districts, and was unanimously nominated by the Nomination Committee as the new party chairman. The 4th of November

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