Nils Håkanson


December 6, 2021

Nils Sture Håkanson, born August 25, 1975 is a Swedish author and translator. He translates from Russian and to a lesser extent from English, German, Ukrainian and Belarusian to Swedish. He is a publisher at Ruin publishing house and research editor for the Swedish Translators' Dictionary. He became a doctor of Slavic languages ​​at Uppsala University in 2012 with the dissertation The Window to the East. Håkanson has also collaborated with the pop orchestra Skraeckoedlan and written lyrics for their album Eorþe (2019).


Nya Aros (novel) (Ruin, 2006) The Window to the East: Russian Fiction in Swedish Translation 1797–2010: with a Case Study of Nikolaj Gogol's Swedish Reception (Ruin, 2012) The Iron Skull (novel) (Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2015) Ödmården (novel) (Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2017) The Spire of the Blind King (novel) (Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2019) Hidden Gods: a book about everything that is not lost in a translation (Nirstedt literature, 2021) The Witch Master at Kvarneberg. The first part of the series about the Shield and the mobile game Flatworld. (Bokförlaget Hedvig (Bonnierförlagen) 2021)

Translations (selection)

Varlam Shalamov: The Shovel Master: Stories from Kolyma (Artist lopaty) (Ruin, 2003) Joseph Roth: The False Weights (The False Weight) (Ruin, 2004) Andrej Volos: Hurramabad (Ruin, 2005) Vasil Bykau: The Veteran (Afganec) (Ruin, 2008) [source language belarusian] Anatoly Krym: The Russian Question (Russky Vopros) (Ruin, 2011) Serhij Zjadan: Depeche Mode (2244, 2014) [source language Ukrainian] Sergei Lebedev: At the brink of oblivion (in Russian: Предел забвения), (Nature and Culture, 2017) Matthew Walker: The Sleep Mystery: The New Research on Sleep and Dreams (Ordfront, 2018) Maria Stepanova: Memories of memory (Nirstedt / Literature, 2019) Olga Lavrentieva: Survilo: grandmother's story about life under Stalin (in Russian: Сурвило), (Kaunitz-Olsson, 2020) Sergei Lebedev: Debutant (in Russian: Дебютант), (Nilsson publishing house, 2021)

Prizes and awards

2017 Ole and Ann-Marie Söderström's prize The 2021 Primordial Dog for 2020's best to Swedish translated comic book: Survilo by Olga Lavrentieva 2021 August Prize in the non-fiction category for Hidden Gods



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