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December 6, 2021

A Member of the Riksdag (also called a Member of the Riksdag or a Member of the Riksdag) is a Member of Parliament in Sweden and Finland, ie a politician who is a Member of the Riksdag. The main task of the members of the Riksdag is to enact laws.


Main articles: Sweden's Riksdag and Riksdag Elections in Sweden Since 1976, Sweden's Riksdag has 349 members. They are elected every four years as representatives of their respective constituencies around the country. Since the representation reform in 1866, fees have been paid for work in the Swedish Riksdag, and the members also have special pension benefits and allowances. A member of the Riksdag may, in connection with a conviction for a serious crime in court, also be removed from office according to the form of government. This was the first time in 1996 and also in 2001.


Main articles: The Finnish Parliament and Parliamentary Elections in Finland The Finnish Parliament has 200 members, who are elected every four years in general, free, proportionate and secret ballots by adult Finnish citizens.

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Sweden's Riksdag presentation of current members of parliament

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