December 6, 2021

Seppuku (切腹, used in writing) also called harakiri (腹 切 り, used in speech), is a traditional Japanese suicide method, whereby a samurai for the sake of his honor (compare bushido) inflicts a deep stab wound to himself in the stomach followed by an accomplice chops off the head with a sword. It was reserved for men who possessed samurai dignity, while samurai women usually hit a shorter dagger in the neck. One of the main purposes of the beheading was to conceal the terrible pain that accompanies this procedure; after all, the most important thing for a samurai was to show courage in death and not to show pain or anxiety, something that was impossible for most people. Seppuku is performed in a special order. With the short wakizashin, the samurai split his stomach, first horizontally, then vertically. He could also have his head cut off. The helper, Kaishakunin, was ready to cut. If you could, you were free to cut off your head yourself.

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