December 6, 2021

A cartoon character is a, usually fictional, character in a cartoon. Because cartoon characters are drawn repeatedly, their appearance is usually adapted to be drawn quickly and consistently.


As the first cartoon character in the modern sense, "The Yellow Kid", created in 1895 by R.F. Outcault, mentioned. Cartoons have been around much longer than that, but in Yellow Kid there were the elements that we recognize today as typical series elements, with sequences (series) of frames and integrated speech bubbles.


A peculiarity among series creators is to give their characters alliterative names, for example Krazy Kat, Klas Katt, Donald Duck (Kalle Anka), Arne Anka, Lucky Luke with the horse Jolly Jumper and Flakey Foont (Mr. Natural). Not least, this is a theme in the superhero genre (Bruce Banner, Fantastic Four, Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Peter Parker, Wonder Woman, Green Goblin, J. Jonah Jameson, among many others), and Stan Lee, who is a co-creator of several famous superheroes, has explicitly admitted in interviews that he created a large number of the superheroes' personal names with alliterative techniques so that they would be easier to remember and keep track of during the work. [source needed]

Concept usage

The term is linked to the medium of comics and not to serial production or serial art in general. Figures from TV series, film series or book series, regardless of whether they are cartoon or not, are usually not referred to as cartoon characters (unless they also appear in a regular cartoon series). The term character instead of figure or character has begun to be used more and more in recent years. It is a direct loan from the English character, which in the English language can also be used in the sense "character". The word character is in Swedish synonymous with disposition, nature, peculiarity or personality, alternatively morality or self-discipline. The use in the sense of "figure" is usually counted as an anglicism.


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