December 1, 2021

Thursday is a day of the week that comes after Wednesday and before Friday. In the older opinion, the fifth day of the week, but since the international standard was introduced in 1973, Thursday is counted as the fourth day of the week.

Thursday in mythology

Thursday is the day of the week that in the Nordic countries is named after the Old Norse thunder god Tor. In Latin called dies Jovis, which means Jupiter's day. In the Nordic countries, Thor was equated with the king of the Roman gods, Jupiter. Thursday night and the following night were, according to folklore, a common time for acts that had to do with magic and sorcery. If you wanted to learn to play the nude or make a bear, it would take place three Thursdays in a row. Measures against diseases were to be taken on Thursday night.

Thursday in the culture

Pea soup is traditionally eaten on Thursdays in Sweden and Finland. Maundy Thursday is the Thursday, also a public holiday, which begins the Easter weekend, ie the day before Good Friday. According to Christianity, Jesus celebrated the Jewish Passover meal with his disciples, also called the Last Supper, which has led to the usual celebration of the Eucharist in Christianity. According to folklore, Maundy Thursday is the day when the witches return to Blåkulla. Black Thursday was called Thursday, October 24, 1929, it was this day that started the Wall Street crash. In the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the earth is destroyed on a Thursday at lunchtime.

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