December 6, 2021

Video community or video community is the collective term for internet communities with a focus on videos. They allow users to upload videos and offer visitors to watch the videos. The videos are saved on the website's server. The most common is that other users can access the videos and also distribute them on their blog or website and then they are usually counted as social media, but there are also closed video communities where only members have access.


Today, there are a number of video communities - mainly those with broad and mixed content that can consist of everything from music videos to videos with animals that derail. Because many users do not have their own website where they can upload their own videos, communities have increased in popularity. More and more people now have a mobile phone or digital camera with video function, a reason why interest and the opportunity to save their videos online has increased. The low quality and resolution of these videos are well suited for video communities that often have a limit on the size of uploaded videos. Youtube is the most famous video community and the second most visited website in the world. Other international video communities are blogTV and Vimeo. A Swedish equivalent is Bubblare. New communities are still being launched despite a large number of players in the market.

Business model

The business model for a video community is based on user-generated content, where users post their own videos and the site shows ads to users - in the case of Youtube, advertising is an optional additional service for Youtube partnerships and is only offered for videos with 100% legal material that does not infringe copyright. . Nevertheless, the video community has copyrighted material, which has made them mentioned in the debate that led to the SOPA bill, which is a more far-reaching American version of the European File Sharing Act IPRED.



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