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December 7, 2021

On this page, it is decided which articles are to be listed as excellent and good articles on Wikipedia, which together with the recommended articles constitute so-called selected articles. If an article is not considered worthy of a nomination as an excellent or good article, it may still fit as recommended. This is a quality categorization with somewhat less strict quality criteria that anyone can distribute. No prior nomination is required, but the recommendation needs to be justified on the article's talk page and the article must meet the criteria for a selected article. Frequently Asked Questions Who can nominate an article? Anyone, as long as the article meets the criteria for a selected article. The person who nominates an article is called a nominator and has the right to withdraw the nomination at any time to remedy shortcomings in the article. Nominate an article: Find an article that you think meets the criteria for a selected article (for more information, see the question "Where can I find articles to nominate?"). Place the article under the heading Nominations below (new nominations are placed at the bottom of that heading) using the following outline:

[[Write the name of the article here]]

'' Nominated by ~~~~ '' Write your motivation here. Supports for excellent Supports for good Does not support ;Discussion
---- Insert the following template at the top of the article you nominated: {{Nominated to selected}} (note that lists, portals and article series have different templates, which you can read about under the respective headings). Check if the article has the template {{Article reviews} } on its talk page. In that case, remove this and also remove the article from Article Reviews (more about this page under the question "Where can I find articles to nominate?") May I nominate an article I have been the main author of? Yes. Who can vote for an article? Registered users of Wikipedia at the time of nomination. If you are not there but still vote, your vote will be deleted. How do I vote for an article? When voting, enter your username and date (most easily done with four tilde: ~~~~). A vote that "Supports" the nomination should be justified, especially if the justification can contribute to the development of the article. Example: # ~~~~ I think the article is well written, exhaustive and has good references. That is why I am voting too well. A vote for "Does not support" must be justified, so that shortcomings can be remedied. A vote on "Does not support" without justification becomes invalid. When is a vote invalid? If a support vote comes from a user who was not registered on Wikipedia at the time of nomination. If a vote is cast on "Does not support" without motivation that can be used to make the article better. Where can I find articles to nominate? Article reviews: Best page to find articles that could be selected. It is not a requirement for an article to be submitted for review before it can be selected, but does not hurt as it allows valuable comments to be considered before nomination. Articles of the month: On this page, it is more unusual for you to find a possible selected article than on the one above, but it does happen from time to time. This month's articles cover both completely newly written articles and previous articles that have been extended considerably. It may therefore be worth keeping an eye on this page as well. Special: Long pages: This page lists all items in order of size (ie how many bytes they are on). This page may be worth a look but remember that it is quality and not quantity that counts. When does the poll end? . Who can end a vote? The one who feels most urged (including the nominator). The important thing is that one of

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