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November 29, 2021

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Did you know that…

November 2021

... the German historian Walter Bartel (see picture) survived the Buchenwald concentration camp? ... children's sexuality begins before birth and then undergoes a number of phases? ... djent group Vildhjarta (see picture) uses heavily tuned seven-string guitars? ... censorship of abuse allegations, posted by former world setter in double Peng Shuai (see photo), led to concerns about her safety? ... the entrance gates to The National Archives (see picture) are partly inspired by medieval arithmetic? ... the mathematician Siddika Kabir started talking about food on TV in 1966? ... the cathedral in Ely (see picture) is equipped with an antichrist according to the ancient Christian pattern? ... the Indian sexologist Mahinder Watsa answered over 40,000 readers' questions about sex and relationships during the 60 years he was in charge of columns in various Indian publications ?. .. the first successful whole genome study in 2002 examined myocardial infarction? ... entrepreneur Cindy Gallop (see photo) launched her video community Make Love Not Porn after a number of years of experience dating younger men? ... The phantom (see picture) is not a cartoon character but 21 pieces? ... Taylor Swift (see photo) 2017, a few months before metoo, was awarded $ 1 in damages after a high-profile lawsuit? ... Marx's Ghosts is a book by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida (see picture)? ... Sun-Yung Alice Chang (see photo) was born in Xi'an, grew up in Taiwan and studied Riemann diversity in the United States? ... part of what is believed to be the blood of Jesus Christ is revered in the Basilica of Sant'Andrea (see photo) in Mantua? ... ITA Airways (see photo) was founded on October 15, 2021, the day after Alitalia was shut down? ... this year's Goncourt laureate Mohamed Mbougar Sarr (see picture) is the first ever from Sub-Saharan Africa, and the youngest since 1976? ... The East Turkestan mission was run by the Swedish Mission Church during the troubled period 1894–1938? ... the song "The March of the Women "was composed in 1910 by Ethel Smyth and became the official anthem of the suffragette movement? ... Denmark's national regalia (see picture) contain three kronor? ... the anonymous XVideos (see picture) is one of the world's ten most visited websites? ... the composer and suffragette Ethel Smyth (see picture) was imprisoned for two months in 1912 after smashing windows at politicians who opposed female suffrage? ... Maunderminimum (see picture) was the almost completely sunspot-free period at the end of the 17th century? ... customary dialect is a western form of actual valley dialect? ... herd mentality can improve the individual's chances of survival (see picture) or lead to the creation of bullies? ... Bishop Thomas Joseph Tobin caused controversy with a tweet about Joe Biden in August 2020? ... the other railway bridge over the Södertälje canal (see picture) was in operation for almost a century before it was replaced by a new lift bridge?

October 2021

... the operetta Mikadon became so popular in the United States that the state of Michigan in 1886 had a city named after it? ... Bengt-Johan Gullberg in 1957 designed the corner TV AGA Prisma (see picture)? ... Jonas Alströmer (grandson of the potato pioneer) was the first chairman of the Evangelical Fosterland Foundation? ... Holly Randall (see photo), in addition to her glamorcore productions, interviewed over 200 sex workers for her podcast? ... Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau (see picture) already in 1903 manufactured furniture in parts that the customer could assemble himself? ... tactile guideways, the routes that the visually impaired and blind can feel, developed in Japan in the 1960s? ... Julia Ducournau (see picture) won the 2021 gold palm with a film in the genre of body horror? ... Dag Hammarskjöld Library, with its more than 400

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