Anti-Comintern Contract Covenant


December 3, 2021

The Anti-Comintern Pact was a treaty formed by the cooperation of the Fascist government of Nazi Germany and the Fascist government of the Empire of Japan on 25 November 1936 and aimed at Against the Communist International (Comintern) in general, but especially the Soviet Union. "It is well known that the goals of the Communist International Also known as Comintern. that is to make the states to break apart and then to use force to subjugate the world's states under communist rule. with confidence that the intervention in the internal affairs of the state by the Communist Organization does not only threaten domestic peace and social peace; but also a threat to world peace. Therefore, it is the desire for cooperation to defend itself against all communist activities.”


The Japanese Empire in the early 20th century was a nationalist fascist government that feared communism. by brutally trying to capture and destroy socialist activists. The Japanese government feared that communism would undermine the imperial nationalism and imperial power. Thus began to seek allies in the fight against communism. The origins of the Anti-Communist International Treaty began in the fall of 1935, when several German military officials inside and outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attempted to balance competitive demands based on different policies. nazier country

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