August 13, 2022

Kashmir (Hindi: कश्मीर), popularly pronounced Kashmir (English: Kashmir), is the most northeastern region of the Indian subcontinent. Before the 19th century, the word "kashmir" was used only to refer to the Kashmir valley. which is a valley between the Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Mountains. but at present The word Kashmir covers areas in three countries. including the territories under the rule of India known as "Jammu and Kashmir" and "Ladakh" and Pakistani territories called districts "Asad Kashmir" and "Gilgit-Baltistan" as well as the Chinese territory known as "Aksai Chin" and "Kala Kunlun" during the Christian period. In the 1st century Kashmir was considered an important center of Hinduism. Including Buddhism later in the year 1339 Kashmir fell under the rule of the first Islamic prince who established the Shahmir dynasty. Kashmir was also a territory of the Mughal Empire between 1586 and 1751, after which it was part of the Afghan Empire until 1820, the year Kashmir was annexed. However, when the Sikhs were defeated by the British in 1946, the Jammu King took the opportunity to buy Kashmir from the British. And Kashmir has been under the rule of Jammu ever since. Jammu also has the status of a native state of the British Raj under the direction of the British monarch. In 1947, when Britain divided the British Raj into India (Hindus) and Pakistan (Muslims), both sides claimed the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. until the end of the First Kashmir War At present, the area is 43% b.