December 3, 2021

Deforestation is the state of natural forests destroyed by logging and burning. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as the use of trees and charcoal or being sold as commodities. while raising animals, cultivating and setting up on empty space pruning without replanting with sufficient numbers causing damage to the home to biodiversity and drought problems This has a negative effect on the sequestration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by plants. Much of the destroyed forest area is damaged by soil erosion. And the area is often deteriorated to the point of becoming unusable land and lacking tree roots used to hold the ground, causing the topsoil to be washed away by water, causing the soil to deteriorate because the topsoil contains a lot of nutrients for plants.


Major deforestation patterns

Shifting Farming - Hill tribes clear forests to grow crops in the high mountains. especially the hill evergreen forests at the watershed Forest encroachment to grow important cash crops -found commonly in the central region Northeast and the eastern region The fertile forest area has been transformed into fields of corn, cassava or hemp, a drastic and widespread environmental change in all three regions of Thailand. Forest encroachment for resettlement – ​​This type of deforestation can be clearly seen from the arrangement of arable land of various settlements. such as land cooperative estates, hill tribe settlements, etc. In addition, in the northern region, there is a relatively limited plain area. when the population increases Therefore, the livelihood area has been expanded from the plains up to the hills. Forest fires - have the effect of destroying wood chips, leaves, lace, wood grains.

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