Chris Taylor (video game designer)


May 28, 2022

Chris Taylor is a Canadian video game designer known for the Total Annals series. and dungeons including Supreme Commander and co-founded Gas Power Games, an old studio. In 2002, a spy gaming site named him a In 2019, he revealed that he was working in Kanuki. which is a cloud gaming platform and developed his next game called Intergalactic Space Empire.


Chris Taylor was born in British Columbia. and got his start in the video game industry in the late 1980s at Software Distinction in Burnaby. His first game, Hard Ball II, was released in 1989. Mayler moved to Seattle, Washington in January 1996, when he joined Cave Dog Entertainment as designer and project lead for the real-time strategy video game Total Anny. Alation and the first expansion, Total Alliance: The Corcantin Jen Sea. He founded Gas Power Games in May 1998 and designed the action role-playing game Dungeon Sage. and its sequel, Dungeon Sage II, which was released in 2005. In the August 2008 issue of PC Gamer magazine, it was announced that Gas Power Games was developing Supreme Commander. It's Chris's first real-time strategy game since 1997 and is described as the spiritual successor to the Total Animation. But can't identify because of Atari. Infograms (formerly Infograms) owns the rights to Total Analyses. Although Atari did not show