computer animation


July 3, 2022

Computer animation is the creation of animation by computers using tools. Created from the concept of computer graphics, it helps to create, modify and light and shade frames as well as to process various motions by tools that are composed of hardware, software, generated from different methods, algorithms, principles, rules or calculations. such as Keyframing An application of the principle of creating motion by defining an image or main frame of motion and calculating or drawing a picture or part between two images. Interpolation (interpolation) Calculating the median between two given values. Kinematics, or the movement of a body or character. regardless of the force acting By representing characters or objects with bones or structures that form the core connected by joints. and the angle or position at that joint is configured. Motion capture using hardware devices Digital motion capture software Motion processing: Editing, adding, decreasing, altering the digital data of motion. Crowd animation Defining the movement of a large group of characters to reduce the burden on the user or the animator. Dynamics (dynamics) A mechanical method for determining the relationship of variables related to motion using the laws of physics to describe and find solutions for the position of motion pictures, such as particle systems, springs, the Navier-Stoke equation. s, etc.


Since the year 1970 onwards to the present day, computer graphics, mathematics and science have been used to help create