Katsudo Chashin


January 23, 2022

Katsudo Chashin (Japanese: 活動写真; Romaji: Katsudō Shashin; "animation"), sometimes referred to as "animation". matsumoto parts It is a Japanese animated film strip. which is the oldest known Japanese anime. without the name of the author of the work Evidence indicates that it was made before 1912, so this film strip may have preceded the display of Western animated films in Japan. Katsudo Chashin was discovered in a collection of movies and projectors in Kyoto in 2005. The three-second film strip shows a boy writing "活動写真", then taking off his hat and bowing. Using the Magic Lantern Slides Equipment to print the frame stencils in red and black. and hold the film strip in a loop for continuous playback


Katsudo Chashin consists of a collection of fifty frames of celluloid manga. It is three seconds long at sixteen frames per second. The film strip shows a boy in a sailor suit writing the kanji character "活動写真" (katsudō shashin, "animation") from right to left, then turning around at the audience, taking off his hat, and bowing. temporary name With its true name unknown, this work differs from the original animation in that the frames are not produced with a recording method. but using film stencil printing by using Kappa-Bang which is a device for printing magic lamp slide stencil Images are red and black on a 35mm movie strip, with the rear end glued together for uninterrupted playback.


Early animated prints for visual toys, such as Zoitrop, predate projector animation. German toy maker Göbrüderbing offers a projector that

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