January 24, 2022

Kanji (Japanese: 漢字; Romaji: Kanji) is the Chinese character used in today's Japanese writing system. It is classified as a type of alphabet (Logograms) used together with four other types of letters: hiragana (ひらがな, 平仮名 Hiragana), katakana (カタカナ, Fragment Katakana), romachi (ローマ字 Rōmaji), and Arabic numerals. g The word "kanji", if read in Mandarin, is read as "Hanzhi", meaning " Han characters which is the majority of people in China The Chinese word in Chinese itself is also called Han (Mandarin: 漢語 (Traditional Chinese), 汉语 (Simplified Chinese) hànyǔ).


Chinese characters were spread to Japan through books from China. The earliest evidence of Japanese Chinese characters is the gold seal obtained by the emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty in AD AD. 600 The Japanese began to learn ancient Chinese on their own, since when is unclear. Japan's first written document, the Diplomatic Reply from the Five Kings of Wa (倭の五王 Wa no go-ō) (Wa (倭,和 [Wa]), was the first Japanese name recorded. in history) to Shun Huang De ((劉) 宋順帝) of China's Liu Song Dynasty (劉宋), written by a Chinese who lived in Japan in 1021 AD and is credited with using the idiom. Later, the Emperor of Japan founded an organization called "Fuhito" to read and write ancient Chinese. From the 6th century onwards, Chinese documents written in Japan were often influenced by Japanese. This indicates that Chinese characters are generally accepted in Japan. During the time when Chinese characters were introduced into Japan The Japanese language itself doesn't even have any written characters.

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