August 19, 2022

Kabul (Pathan: کابل, Roman script: Kābəl, template:IPA-ps; Dari: کابل, Roman script: Kābol, Template:IPA-prs) is Afghanistan's capital and largest city. located in the eastern part of the country Kabul is also a municipality in the province of Kabul. Kabul is made up of 22 districts. A 2021 estimate puts Kabul's population at around 4.6 million. Kabul is the only city in Afghanistan with a population of more than 1 million and is a political, cultural and economic center. The fastest city in the world and in 2012 Kabul was ranked the world's largest city. 75 Kabul sits on a narrow ridge between the Hindu Kush Mountains. Located 1,790 meters (5,873 feet) above sea level, Kabul is one of the highest capital cities in the world. Kabul is said to be more than 3,500 years old. Kabul's name dates back at least to the days of the Achaemenid Empire. Kabul is a crossroads between major cities in Asia. Kabul is located roughly halfway between Istanbul in Turkey and about Bangkok in Thailand or Hanoi in Vietnam. It is therefore a strategic location for transportation between South Asia and Central Asia. and is considered an important place on the ancient Silk Road Later, Kabul fell under the rule of various kingdoms: Seleukid, Maurya, Kushan, Kabulshahi, Saffarid, Zamanid, Gaznavid, Guri. D, Quaraz, Karlujid, Khalji, Timurid, Mughal and Hotak, and ultimately part of the Durrani Empire. (known as In 1747 Kabul became the capital of Afghanistan in 1776 under the reign of Timur Shah Durrani, son of Ah.