emperor tang zao zhong


January 24, 2022

Emperor Zhao Zong (Chinese: 唐昭宗, 888-904, 1431-1447) succeeded Emperor Tang Xizhong. Throughout the reign of Emperor Zhao Zong Power was in the hands of Zhu Nguyenzhong, or Juwen. In the 15th year of his reign, both the King and Chancellor Shuyin sought strength from Zhu Quanzhong. to suppress the eunuch After suppressing the eunuch extermination, the eunuch era ruled the city. But the following year, Tang Zhao Zhong was killed by Zhu Quanzhong. with Chancellor Chui Yin Zhu Quanzong had made Tang Zhaojong's 13-year-old son as Emperor Tang Aiti.


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