Emperor Franz II of the Holy Roman Empire


August 19, 2022

Emperor Franz II (German: Franz II; 12 February 1768 – 2 March 1835) was the last emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (1792 - AD. 1806) and was Emperor Franz I as Emperor of Austria from 1804 until 1835 after he was invaded by Napoleon I leading to the Third Coalition War. causing him to collapse the empire And change the empire and change the new rule, between the years 1804 - 1806 he held the position of emperor of two empires ever. After changing the empire He was the Emperor of Austria named Emperor Franz I of Austria after that he led the Austrian army. to take revenge on the French Empire in the Napoleonic Wars but still defeated So he sent his eldest daughter Archduchess Marie Louise to marry Napoleon. in order to offer a tribute and initiated international relations between the Austrian Empire and the French Empire.

Royal history

Emperor Franz was born in Florence, Grand Duchy of Toscana on February 12, 1768, the eldest son of Emperor Leopolt II (who at that time was the Grand Duke of Toscana) and Maria Luisa of Spain (daughter of King Carlos III of Spain). The royal family and the people expected him to will become an emperor in the future because because of his patriarch Emperor Joseph There are no sons or daughters at all. and in addition royal younger brother of