August 19, 2022

Chonburi is a province in the eastern region of Thailand. The center city community of the province is Chonburi Municipality. Chonburi province has many famous tourist attractions located. The main tourist city of the country is Pattaya. In addition to the tourism industry, it is also a province that is of great economic importance in the Eastern region. both in commerce and in various industries In the past, Chonburi Province used to be the location of a very important port city. Even today, it is still the location of the country's most important port after Bangkok. That is Laem Chabang Port. because it has a suitable location Chonburi province has a contact territory. (Clockwise starting from the north) including Chachoengsao Province Chanthaburi Province, Rayong Province and connects with the Gulf of Thailand to the west. The province's population is growing rapidly. The population in 2019 was about 1.5 million people.



Chonburi province used to be an ancient community where Neolithic humans lived since prehistoric times. Because archaeological excavations have already found traces of the ancient prehistoric community in the Phan Thong River Basin, which is in the area of ​​Khok Phanom Di Temple, Tha Kham Subdistrict, Phanat Nikhom District. Found traces of the ancient prehistoric community of Khok Phanom Di It is assumed that in the past, the area of ​​Chonburi province used to be the location of 3 ancient cities that prospered, namely Muang Phrarot, Muang Sri Phalo and Mueang Phaya Rae. The territory of these 3 cities together is the present Chonburi Province.