Chuck Yeager


October 18, 2021

Charles Elwood Yeager (Charles Elwood Yeager; 13 February 1923 – 7 December 2020) was a former United States Air Force officer and Scout. Be the first to confirm that it can break the speed of sound in flight.

Early life

Yeager was born on February 13, 1923 to parents Albert Hal Yeager and Susie Mae (Sizemore), who were farmers. in Mira, West Virginia and finished high school in Hamlin, West Virginia. In June 1941, he had two brothers, Roy and Hal, Jr., and two sisters, Doris Anne (died in an accident at age two, by Roy when he was 6. and Pansy Lee On February 26, 1945, Yeager married Glennis Dickhouse and had four children. She died in AD. The name "Yeager" (Yeager, ) is translated from English from the German Jäger (Jäger or Jaeger (translated: "hunter")). He has a cousin, a former baseball player named Steve. Yeager


World War II

He joined the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) on September 12, 1941 and became an aircraft mechanic at George Air Force Base in Victorville, California. at the time of application Yeager was not fit to fly because of his age and education background. But still accepting him because of his extraordinary eyesight. (Normal sight ratio is 20/10), allowing him to shoot deer 600 yards away.

After World War II

Test Pilot – Breaking the Sound Barrier

after world war Yeager remains in the United States Air Force. He became a test pilot at the Muroc Army Air Field; present c

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