August 13, 2022

Myanmar (Burmese: ဗမာလူမျိုး, MLCTS: ba. ma lu myui:; IPA: [bəmà lùmjó] ba mah lu myo, kham muang: manan) is the majority ethnic group in Burma. Most of the Burmese live in the Irrawaddy River basin. Most Burmese people use Burmese as the language spoken in their daily lives.


Genetic studies show that Burmese are genetically related to East Asians and Indians. Spoken languages ​​of the Sino-Tibetan family Over the next several millenniums, the Burmese had spread to cover all of Central Burma and Lower Burma. They have replaced and absorbed the Mon and Pyu people who lived before.


Burmese language is the main language of Burma. It is the official language used by the Burmese people. and has been used as a lingua franca in communication among other ethnic groups. The main vocabulary in the Burmese language consists of Terms derived from Sino-Tibetan languages. But many of the terms related to Buddhism and art are derived from Pali and Sanskrit. The words that are derived from English are related to science and technology. by using transliteration


Most of the Burmese people live in Burma. Some Burmese people spread to European settlements, especially in the UK. The Burmese diaspora was the most phenomenal in history at the start of World War II, which was largely conflicted by the military rule and ethnic diversity in Burma. From the beginning of Burma to the United Kingdom until independence in 1948, Burmese people began to move to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, North America.