December 3, 2021

A single in music is a short recording of one or more songs that are released in different formats.

Format of Singles

Vinyl singles (English: Vinyl singles) consist of at least one song on record. Available in both 7-inch and 12-inch cassette singles, cassette singles became popular in the 1990s and are now a rarity in commercial release. The tape contains the main track on the A-side and additional tracks on the B-side in the form of a sleeve, then the cover will be printed. and a CD single track list, including A-side, as well as other songs, may or may not contain other songs. It consists of singles, CDs and Maxi singles. Remix of the main song in a single and complete tracks of other songs on the B-side and from time to time music videos. inside as well Singles released on CD come in a variety of packaging formats, such as thin boxes, thick boxes, or sleeves, each with a cover and a track list. Singles are produced in many countries, single cover art may vary, Special edition/Limited edition single CDs are released from time to time. which will be released for a limited time only or produced in limited quantities and sometimes some have special songs or a unique cover made for this format Video Single Format Although this format has been around since the 1980s as a 45s video, in 1990 the format The video single format became very popular again when Madonna released the single video "Justify My Love" followed by the band YouTube. Released the song "Numb", the leading single in 1993.

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