low tax territory


October 18, 2021

low tax territories are generally defined as Countries or places that have tax rates The "actual" tax is very low for aliens (i.e., the "declared" tax may be higher) in the traditional definition. Low-tax territories also offer financial concealment. However, even countries with high levels of concealment that also have high tax rates (such as the United States and Germany on the Financial Concealment Index ("FSI")) may appear in the "Financial Concealment Index". Some low tax territories list But it is not universally considered a low-tax territory. Also low "realistic" (i.e. Ireland in the FSI ranking) appear on most low-tax territories list. The consensus on the effective tax rate has led scholars to note that the term "Low tax territory" and "offshore financial center" are almost synonyms. Traditional low-tax territories such as Jersey reveal about zero taxation. But it has resulted in few bilateral tax treaties. Modern corporate low-tax territory has zero “declared” taxation rates and a high degree of cooperation with the OECD. Thus, there is a large network of bilateral tax treaties, but the base erosion and profit shifting (“BEPS”) tools of these low-tax territories allow companies to have tax rates. "Really effective" is almost zero. Not only in low tax territories. but also in all countries where such territories have tax treaties. Put that territory on the list of low tax territories. A modern study finds that the top 10 low-tax territories include the company-focused low-tax territories: Ireland.

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