Tin Mong G


July 3, 2022

Dr. Tin Mong Ghee (တင္ မောင် ကြည် Tin Maung Ghee) was born in 1945 as a medical doctor after retirement working in social sciences. and wrote a short article The story of exploring the stupa at Lin Xin-Kong's tomb titled “A Thai King's Tomb” and tying it in the book “The various facets of Myanmar” containing the contents of the stupa of Prince Uthumphon, the former King of Ayutthaya that was forcibly taken over. to Burma after the second loss of Ayutthaya


Tin Mong Gee, born in 1945, is a descendant of a group of Khon dramas from the Ayutthaya royal court who were forcibly taken to Burma after the second loss of Ayutthaya. and his ancestors set up a house not far from the Mandalay Palace wall. Tin Mong Gee served as a former assistant surgeon under the Ministry of Health and Assistant Professor of Physiology and Biochemistry from 1965 to 1991. He retired in 1991 and is a freelance writer. Later, with his interest in the story of the Yodia people in Burma He conducted a research study on the exploration of the stupa at Linxin-Gong Cemetery. or the stupa of Prince Uthumphon The title is “A Thai King’s Tomb” which he has published in the book “The various facets of Myanmar”.


Books and Research in Burmese and English

Beautiful ladies in Burmese History (1995). Collected Reascarch Articles on Burmese Cultures" by "Today" Media Group (1998). Some faeets of Burmese Culture" (in English) by "Today" Media Group (2001).


Other Resources

Lecture slides on the Stupa of Chao Fa Uthumphon by Dr. Tin Mong Gee