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August 13, 2022

team sports instead of referring to a sport that requires the ability of an individual to achieve the results obtained , such as football Team sports (in various forms), cricket, baseball, handball, hockey, basketball, and volleyball. Solitaire sports such as racquet sports (boxing, martial arts) or timed sports (such as athletics, track and field or swimming). That is a team sport, but the way of playing is very different from sports that use football. is to be a team work cooperation, scoring, having a strong position for a specific role Most team sports have an important object, for example in football, both sides try to kick the soccer ball into the opponent's goal area. At the end of the match the side with the higher score wins. If the scores are equal, there may be a draw decision. or may require extra time or a penalty shootout. Football is mainly played with feet. (except goalkeepers) and players can use other parts of the body to assist in play, whether heading the ball or using the body to rest the ball. but the hand and the arm below the elbow shall not descend. Except for the goalkeeper who can use his hand when in the goal area of ​​his side.

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