Sri Lankan President


August 19, 2022

The President of Sri Lanka (Sinhalese: ජනාධිපති, Tamil: ஜனாதிபதி, Chanathip) is the head of state. Chief Executive Officer legal head of government and the Commander-in-Chief of Sri Lanka, the 1978 Sri Lankan Constitution makes the president elected directly by the people in general elections as the head of government. and the President elects ministers from the members of Parliament for that duties and powers. The constitution allows the president to be the head of the cabinet. presided over a cabinet meeting presided over the ceremonial meeting of the Parliament able to attend parliamentary sessions with privileges and immunity in the parliament It can summon meetings, suspend meetings and dissolve parliament, order a referendum, declare war, declare peace, pardon and reduce penalties. It is a badge for the appointment of high-ranking government officials (such as prime ministers, ministers and high-ranking judges) and other state allocations of land and real estate. The constitution protects the president from prosecution while in office. Whether it is a personal case or an official duty case, the original constitution allowed the president to hold office for a term of five years, not more than two terms. After the 19th amendment of 2015, the former limit was back to two terms, the president must be sworn in before the President of the Supreme Court. If the President is unable to perform his duties The Prime Minister will act on his behalf. and the remaining ministers in the State Council will be elected.