October 19, 2021

Cuba (English and Spanish: Cuba, Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkuβa]) is officially known as Republic of Cuba (English: Republic of Cuba; Spanish: República de Cuba) comprises the island of Cuba. (It is the largest island in the Greater Antilles), Cuban Tud (Isla de la Juventud) and nearby smaller islands are located in the Northern Caribbean region. at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Cuba is located in the south of the eastern United States. and the Bahamas Islands to the west of the Turks and Caicos Islands and Haiti east of mexico and to the north of the Cayman Islands and Jamaica. The Republic of Cuba is the only country in the region that still maintains communist rule.



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The Spaniards first arrived on the island of Cuba in AD. 2035, but initially did not pay much attention to the island because of the lack of natural resources and few Indians. Until the revolution in Haiti in 1790, Cuba replaced Haiti as the source of the Spanish sugar industry. Cuba was the last territory in the Americas to be colonized by Spain. Jose Marti formed the Cuban Revolutionary Party in 1892 to claim independence until he was killed in 1897. 1895 Cuba's call for independence was supported by the United States. Until a naval warship exploded in the Gulf of Havana on February 15, 1897, which sparked the Spanish-American War. As a result of the war, Cuba gained independence and other Spanish colonies belonged to the United States. after independence Cuba is under the influence of the United States.

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