August 19, 2022

Jamaica (English: Jamaica; Jamaican Patois: Jumieka) is an island country in the Greater Antilles region. Jamaica is an island 240 km long and 85 km wide and located in the Caribbean Sea 635 km east of mainland Central America, 150 km south of Cuba and 180 km west of Central America. Hispaniola Island, home to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Cayman Islands are approximately 215 kilometers northwest. Jamaica is the third largest island after Cuba and Hispanyola.


The name "Jamaica" derives from the name of the island of the Taíno indigenous Arawakan-speaking peoples who called the island "Xaymaca". "Land of Spring" or "Land of Forests and Waters", Jamaica was once under the jurisdiction of the Spanish Empire. The island was called Santiago (Santiago), then it was occupied by the British Crown Colony of West Indies, a translation of the vernacular term for the island, from Jameca. It came to Jamaica, which became the name of the island and the country that lies on it to this day. Most of Jamaica's population is made up of descendants of African slaves. Jamaica is also the third largest spoken and written country in North, Central and South America. after the United States and Canada. in general Thai people tend to mispronounce "Jamaica" to "Jamaica" (pronounced "Ja-mai-ka").


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