December 3, 2021

Suriname (English: Suriname, Surinam, pronounced: /ˈsʊrɨnɑːm/; Dutch: Suriname, pronounced: [ˌsyriˈnaːmə], Suriname), officially Republic of Suriname (English: Republic of Suriname; Dutch: Republiek Suriname), formerly known as "Dutch Guiana" is a country located in the north of South America. Between French Guiana in the east and Guyana in the west The southern boundary borders Brazil. North to the Atlantic Ocean The southernmost region of the country is in dispute with Guyana and French Guiana.


In the late 18th century, the British colonized the Suriname River. Later, the Netherlands entered into an agreement to exchange colonies with England. where the Netherlands colonized Suriname The British occupied New Amsterdam of the Netherlands. (It's New York in the US today) During the colonial era, the Dutch pioneered farm land. and brought many slaves from Africa to work on the farms. The existence of slaves in Suriname was extremely difficult. A number of slaves fled to settle in the deep forest. Later, when slavery was abolished As a result, new contracted workers were brought in from Indonesia, India and China. These workers have become the dominant minority of Suriname. Later in 1954 the colony of Suriname was upgraded to part of the Netherlands. able to elect their own representatives to manage internal affairs but foreign affairs And defense of the country is the duty of the Netherlands. Suriname later gained independence from the Netherlands in 1975.


Suriname has a president who is elected by the council as both heads of the country. and the head of government acting in the administration of the country

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