Bosnia and Herzegovina


November 27, 2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina (English: Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bosnia: Bosna i Hercegovina), sometimes abbreviated as Bosnia, BiH, БиХ, is a mountainous western Balkan country. The capital city is Sarajevo. It was originally one of the six republics of the former Yugoslavia. It gained independence in the Yugoslav War in the 1990s and because of the Dayton Agreement. Therefore, it is a state in the protection of the international community. It is governed by high-level representatives selected by the United Nations Security Council.


Administrative divisions

according to the Dayton Agreement Bosnia and Herzegovina is divided into main administrative regions. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is divided into 10 states (cantons), namely Una-Sana. Pasavina State Tuzla state of zenitsa-doboy Bosnian Podrinje central bosnia Herzegovina-Neretva West Herzegovina Sarajevo West Bosnia, Serpska Republic, is divided into seven regions: Banja Luka Doboy District Villalgina region Vlazenica Region Sarajevo-Romaniya region Fotcha District Trebinje District Berchko District It is an autonomous administrative unit under the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is part of the Bosnian Federation. and the Serpska Republic


Bosnia has about 14,000 troops stationed, with Bosnian troops deployed along forests and national borders. to protect their country Bosnia has a group of about 3.000-4.000 troops in the forest, and around 5.000-10.000 on the border. Most of the tanks are 155 T-55s and 45 M-60A3s, as well as the M-113 personnel carriers it receives. US support Armored vehicle equipped with 55 mm machine guns. Although Bosnia has a small military force. but very strong




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