August 19, 2022

Pakistan (English: Pakistan; Urdu: پاکستان) or its official name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan Urdu: اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان) is a country located in South Asia. It borders India, Iran, Afghanistan and China, and the country is separated from Tajikistan by the Wakan Strip to the north. and has a coastline adjacent to the Arabian Sea. It has a maritime boundary continuation with the waters of Oman. With a population of over 150 million, it is the 6th largest in the world and the second largest Islamic country. (after Indonesia) and is an important member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. And it's one of the few countries that owns nuclear weapons. The word "Pakistan" means "Land of the Holy People" in Urdu and Persian At the same time, it is derived from the first letters of the names of the territories that make up Pakistan: Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir or Islamabad. (Islamabad), Sindh and Baluchistan (BaluchisTAN)


The climate of Pakistan varies depending on the location. They range from very hot to very cold in the north of the country. In the middle of the country is a plain, hot in summer and cooler in winter, and in the north it is below freezing in winter, so snow is prevalent. The southern part of the country borders the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, but receives less rainfall as the desert area is not influenced by monsoon winds.


Prehistoric and Bronze Age

UK Colony

Independence era

Pakistan used to be a state in the