October 20, 2021

Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan: Azərbaycan), officially known as Republic of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan: Azərbaycan Respublikası) is a country in the Caucasus Mountains. Area that connects Eastern Europe with Southwest Asia It has a territory east of the Caspian Sea. North connects with the Russian Federation. Northeast borders Georgia. The west connects with Armenia. and south with Iran Azerbaijan was once part of the Soviet Union. Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic It is bordered by Armenia to the north and east. It contacts Iran in the south and west. and contact with Turkey in the north The Nagorno-Karabakh region in the southwest of the country It declared independence from Azerbaijan in 1991 but was not recognized internationally.


The terrain consists of mountains and rugged terrain. To the north is the Greater Caucasus, with Mount Bazardyuzyu being the country's highest mountain (4,466 m), while the Lesser Caucasus is the southeastern border. central part of the country It is therefore an important lowland area, the Aras-Kura Basin and the coastal plains of Lake Caspian. These lowlands cover an area of ​​4,278. 1,600 hectares (approximately 1,600 hectares used for arable land and the rest for grazing) over 1 million hectares of forest. Climate Cold in the North Caucasus region of Azerbaijan. As for the Kura plains, the weather is cool. and has a tropical climate in the Lenkoran lowlands on the southeastern Caspian coast (about 27 degrees Celsius in July.

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