Pierre-Auguste Renoir


January 24, 2022

Pierre-Auguste Renoir (French: Pierre-Auguste Renoir; 25 February 1840 - 3 December 1919) was a French painter. He is known to be one of the artists in the Impressionist group who emphasized the use of colors that instantly reflected the artist's emotions. Renoir's work Most will focus on the beautiful. Delicacy of nature and femininity Renoir's images also reflect the lifestyle and criticism of feudal France in the late 18th century. Father is a tailor He was the sixth child of seven children. At the age of 23, Renoir voluntarily became a freelance painter. Renoir was a painter who had many hardships. Because Renoir was a nudist, from 1890 onwards Renoir would freely paint nudes. during rheumatoid arthritis Even if you sit in a wheelchair or put a brush with your stiff hand He had others paint the picture for him. "Flowers" were the last words Renoir had said before his death as he arranged the designs he had written. Renoir died peacefully on December 3, 1919.



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