King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem


December 3, 2021

Baldwin IV of Jerusalem (English: Baldwin IV of Jerusalem), nicknamed Leper King, was king of Jerusalem from 1174–1185. Baldwin IV was Be the warrior king in the Crusades. and made famous heroism in the battle of Montgizard In 1174, when he was 13, he found himself suffering from leprosy. This caused great concern to the nobles and government officials as he was the only heir to the throne. that same year The death of his father and mother forced the little prince to rule the kingdom. The first two years of his reign were ruled by two governors: Miles of Plancy and Raymond III of Tripoli. to guarantee the throne of Jerusalem Governor Raymond betrothed Princess Sibylla, Baldwin's older sister, to Guillaume de Montferrat, cousin of King Louis VII of France and the Free Emperor. Drich I of the Holy Roman Empire in the first year of his reign Baldwin successfully attacked Damascus to pressure Sultan Salahuddin's troops away from Aleppo. He truly ascended Jerusalem in 1176, leading his army again to attack Damascus and Andujar to suppress the attacks by the Muslim rebels. He also planned an attack on the Egyptian Empire, the main stronghold of Sultan Salahuddin. In this regard, Renaud de Châtillon was sent to the Roman city of Constantinople. to persuade Emperor Manuel I to send a joint fleet to attack Egypt.

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