geographic coordinates


August 13, 2022

Geographic coordinate system is what tells us the locations of places on the earth's surface based on a spherical coordinate system. The Greek philosopher Lemi revised this idea. Let one circle have an angle of 360 degrees. current geographic coordinates It consists of two parts, latitude and longitude, as described below. Latitude is the angle measured between any point and the equator, with a maximum value of 90 degrees. A line that connects a country to all points of equal latitude is called a parallel line that circles around the earth. Each pole has a latitude of 90 degrees, for example the North Pole has a latitude of 90 degrees North, etc. Longitude is the angle measured between any point and the zero meridian, up to 180 degrees across the Royal Observatory Greenwich. united kingdom A line that connects all points of equal longitude is called a line. There are 365 meridians in total when the two above angles of a point are joined together. will get the geographic coordinates of that point, which can be told in 3 ways: degrees-minutes, for example Bangkok is located at latitude 13 degrees north 45 minutes. Degree-Lipda-Philipda Decimal degrees, decimal degrees conversion Degree-minutes-minutes or degrees-minutes as decimal degrees can be done as follows: Nam Philipdahan 3600 Nam Lipdahan 60 Add the results from steps 1 and 2 and add them to degrees. will get decimal degrees

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