May 28, 2022

AD 1796 corresponds to the year 1796 is a leap year in which the first day is Friday. according to the Gregorian calendar


King: King Buddha Yodfa Chulalok the Great (6 April 1782 - 7 September 1809) Department of the Royal Palace, Bowon Sathan Mongkhon: Somdej Phra Bowonraj Chao Maha Sura Singhanat monarch: Ruler of Chiang Mai: King Kawila Ruler of Lampang: King Duangthip Ruler of Nan: Prince Attawarapanyo US President: George Washington (30 April 1789 - 4 March 1797) United Kingdom Monarch: King George III of the United Kingdom (Great Britain, 25 October 1760 - 31 December 1800, United Kingdom 1 January 1801 - 29 January 1820) French Emperor: See French Revolution. Spanish Monarchs: Carlos IV of Spain (14 December 1788 - 19 March 1808)


February 1: Canada moves on to the capital from Nuwak. (now Niagara-on-the-Lake) to York City (now Toronto) to reduce the risk of US attacks. May 14: Edward Jenner begins trial of cowpox as a vaccine against smallpox. May 15: Napoleon's army occupies Milan. June 1: Tennessee is the 16th US state.

Day of death

King Uthumphon King Rama 32 of Ayutthaya (Born in 1722)

Ongoing events

French Revolution - 1789-1799 (1789-1799)